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Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning and our analysts to gain efficient, comprehensive data analysis solutions. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and deliver tailored insights that drive your business forward.


  • Easy uploads
  • AI powered
  • Chat support
  • Data Visualization and Reporting

Why choose Argute AI

  • Cutting-edge AI and ML technologies
  • Experienced analysts
  • Full data integration
  • Pricing per month

    All plans come with 60 day money back guarantee


    Email Support
    10 analyst hours
    3 dashboards
    Weekly reports


    Chat Support
    20 analyst hours
    6 dashboard
    Daily reports


    Dedicated Support
    Dedicated analyst
    Custom and unlimited dashboards
    Customer and on demand reports
    20% discount with annual prepayment

    About Us

    Guru Murthy

    Founder and CTO
    A former Director of Engineering at Medallia Strikedeck, Guru Murthy has over a decade of experience at various Silicon Valley startups. He has several years of expertise with data analytics and B2B SaaS platforms.

    Ban Sharma

    Offshore partner and advisor
    Ban Sharma has served in leadership positions in various companies including GE and Enron. He was the Head of Analytics practice at GAVS. He is the founder and CEO of Clear Measurement India.

    Shabd Vaid

    Advisor and partner
    An entrepreneur with experience in several startups Shabd Vaid is an expert in SaaS, customer success analytics, and email marketing. He was the founder of Medallia Strikedeck.

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    Bemidji MN 56601
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